About Us

Pure, Organic, Ethical & Energised

Nature provides all we need, we simply need to look! Often a plant that we would consider a weed is one of the most powerful healing herbs. 

We follow traditional herbal medicine tikanga (correct honoured procedures); we grow herbs organically, harvest sustainably, and treat the herb plant, tree or grove with the deepest respect.
We always ask permission of the grove to harvest and say a karakia to harvest.

We harvest only what is needed, leave enough for the plant, insects & seeds, plus return what is taken to the Earth, so it's a closed circle.

Our intention is an energised technique, with the frequency of love & respect.

We know that we are deeply connected to Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) and we are kaitiaki (guardians) of Her.
We are moving into a time of great awareness of our connection to all life, everything is energy!

If we source organic raw ingredients, we absolutely make sure they are ethically sourced.

Earth Conscious & Zero Waste

We aim to keep our eco footprints small, so we try to live as sustainably as possible, choosing to buy products that are eco-friendly, growing lots of our own food, and making our own cleaning products. 

All our products are packaged in glass, tin or recyclable packaging, and we are continuously looking for even better options!
We take a stand against all the plastic shipping bags so have zero waste shipping, including paper packing tape!

We do all we can to help keep our planet pristine. We always recycle everything we possibly can and encourage our suppliers to ship ingredients zero waste also.

All our cardboard and paper products that our ingredients are delivered in are recycled, or reused to package parcels. We only print what is necessary and use 100% recycled paper.

The Meaning of Kailash

The meaning behind Kailash is a culmination of years of personal culture, learning, vision & intention.

Kailash is a mountain in Tibet and in the ancient vedic scriptures, is said to be the supremely sacred earth home of Shiva and Parvati.

Mt. Kailash is also the pillar of the world, the spiritual centre of the Earth's mandala, a tremendous spiritual library, is at the heart of six mountain ranges symbolising a lotus, and the stairway on the mountain is said to lead to Heaven.

It is the source of the four major life-giving rivers in Asia & home to two sacred lakes, thinly separated, one fresh water and calm, the other salt water and choppy.

Geographically, Mt. Kailash is orientated perfectly to the four cardinal points. Climbers who attempt to climb it are turned around or have been said to age drastically.

Another mystery of Mt. Kailash is it's distance from the Earth's poles and other ancient monuments: Mt. Kailash is said to be 6666 metres high, it is 6666 km from Stonehenge, directly opposite Easter Island, 6666 km to the north pole and double that to the south pole.

Mt. Kailash is said to be the reflection of Shiva's actual abode, also said to be the 8th dimension, which lies on the periphery of Vaikuntha Loka, the spiritual realm.

It is described as beyond the splendor and beauty of anything below it; nature in perfect verdant balance, filled with healthy snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, meadows, plains, fields, forests, animals, fragrant flowers and healing herbs - and every land-form, or water-body imaginable.

Shiva (meaning the auspicious one) is the one who destroys creation at the right time, along with evil, negativity, stagnation of life. The destruction doesn’t necessarily mean death and pain, but also transformation towards the light, which brings forth the abundance of new changes in life.

Apart from his role as a transformer, he is also the one who assists the soul to experience God to the fullest.

And He moves with a lot of healing energies that have the capacity to destroy any cause of sickness or poor health!

So you can see why it has called to us; this is our vision of a healthy Papatuanuku and healthy people, living in harmony, connected to each other, our planet and God/love energy. THIS is what we are working to create and the future we see.

Meet our Whanau (family)

We are a family of 4 and we live in Kerikeri, New Zealand. We homeschool natural learning style, grow as much of our own organic food as possible and will be moving to full off-grid soon!

Nitya has used herbs for many years, making potions, balms and infusions since teenage years, and studied a number of modatilies including herbal medicine, bach flowers, homeobotanicals, natural animal medicine & massage.
So if any of us have any illnesses, the remedies/teas/etc come out - we're in good hands! 

Any feedback, support and ingredient requests are appreciated.


Nitya & whanau