Medicinal Uses of Bears Breeches

Medicinal Uses of Bears Breeches

Bears Breeches (Acanthus) is considered a weed or a forgotten plant, but it has some very useful medicinal properties!

In the 17th century, this plant was called Brank-ursine, meaning bears claws, which likely referred to the shape of the flowers. They contain mucilage and tanning, which made them a very useful remedy.

It's just as good a remedy as comfrey for dislocated joints, fractures and torn ligaments. A paste made from the roots and leaves of the plant, when applied to a dislocated joint, tends to normalize the affected muscles and ligaments, concurrently relaxing and tightening them to encourage the joint back into its proper place.

Crushed leaves have been used as a poultice to soothe burns and scalds, relieving the pain and healing without a scar. It is said to take the fire out of a burn, so definitely keep this plant in mind for any burn application!

It has also been used very successfully to clean & heal wounds.

Bear’s Breeches has been internally taken to soothe, heal & protect the mucous membranes in the digestive and urinary tracts, purify the blood and to calm the stomach plus diarrhoea.

Incredible how many healing plants are around us all the time! ♥

Posted: Friday 3 December 2021


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