Comfrey Tincture

Comfrey Tincture
Muscle sprains, bone healing, bruises, burns & wounds, joint inflammation.
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Comfrey (also known as knit-bone) has been prized since ancient times for its ability to help heal broken bones and damaged tissues. In modern times, it has been discovered that this is at least in part due to a substance in Comfrey called ‘allantoin’ that is able to accelerate cellular 'mitosis', meaning it speeds the process of new tissue growth.

Comfrey has been historically used for all manner of injuries and accidents including but not limited to broken bones. It has an equally strong reputation for helping with external wounds that are poorly healing.

Comfrey tincture is perfect to use in a healing balm mix, for a sports strain balm, and for any inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and gout.

Our comfrey is organically grown and sustainably harvested.

250ml or 500ml bottle

Talk with a qualified medical herbalist before taking remedies internally.

Ingredients: organically grown comfrey leaves and roots, grain alchocol.