Organic Dried Lemon Balm Tea

Organic Dried Lemon Balm Tea
Sleep and relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, migraines, headaches, urinary infections, shingles, old sores, indigestion: cramps, gas & bloating.
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Lemon balm is much loved for her divine lemon-scented taste and smell.

Melissa is the Greek name for bee, as lemon balm is loved by bees!It was used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain and discomfort from indigestion (including gas and bloating, as well as colic).

Even before the Middle Ages, lemon balm was steeped in wine to lift the spirits, help heal wounds, and treat venomous insect bites and stings.

Today, lemon balm is often combined with other calming, soothing herbs, such as valerian and chamomile to promote relaxation.

It is also used in creams to treat cold sores (oral herpes).Lemon balm is a wonderful remedy for the nervous system, helping to lift depression, calm anxiety, release tension, enhance relaxation and promote restful sleep.

It is an excellent remedy for studying also, to enhance concentration and soothe stress or exam nerves and can relieve nervous headaches and neuralgia.

She has an affinity for the digestive system, calming tension and soothing irritation and inflammation.Taken as a tea or tincture, Lemon balm is great for nervous indigestion, colic, wind, nausea, diarrhoea and stress-related digestive disorders.

Lemon balm also calms the heart and relaxes spasms in the reproductive system, so great for moontime spasms and pain. It can relieve symptoms of PMS also.

In hot tea, she reduces fevers, clears nasal congestion, and is an excellent remedy for infections, both bacterial and viral, such as herpes and mumps.

Lemon balm also acts as an antihistamine for allergies such as hay fever and eczema.

Spiritually/Emotionally: This plant is strongly associated with the emotional self, and the divine feminine. Recommended to “make the heart merry,” and lift the spirits, popular to use during cold, dark winters to lift the spirits and ease seasonal depression. Also used to connect with divine Goddess energy.

Drink lemon balm tea 30 minutes before bed to help with insomnia, to relax and unwind or to ease an uneasy tummy.

To make a tea: Use 1 heaped tspn of fresh herb to 1 cup of hot water and leave to steep for 10-15 mins. Drink it as is or add a tspn of honey if you prefer.

Lemon Balm Tea Blend:

Combine and prepare as an infusion 3 parts lemon balm, 1 part borage flowers, 1 part chamomile, 1 part lemon verbena and 1 part St. Johns Wort. This infusion is relaxing and gently stimulating. It increases energy in the system by helping release energy blocks and stress.

Headache Tea:

Combine and prepare as an infusion 2 parts lemon balm, 1 part feverfew and 1 part lavender. Drink 1/4 cup every 30 minutes until the headache is gone.

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