Goldenrod Plants - Organic

Goldenrod Plants - Organic
Upper lungs & phlegm, laryingitis, flu, cough, bladder, digestive tonic.
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Goldenrod is one of my favourite herbs. It was brought to NZ by early settlers and was the herb given to all newly married couples at the time.
I was originally given this herb by the gardener at Kerikeri Stone Store, so our plants descend from the original plants brought to NZ!

It's a safe and gentle herbal remedy for a number of disorders and is one of the first herbs I think of for upper respiratory cattarh, whether acute or chronic.

It can be used for:

  • chronic phlegm
  • laryingitis & pharyngitis
  • skin disease
  • wounds & bruises
  • influenza
  • whooping cough
  • digestive tonic
  • indigestion & gas
  • urinary/bladder disorders
  • vaginal and oral thrush
  • kidney stones
  • promote sweating in fevers

Part used: Flowering tops in summer.

Growing: it loves a sunny spot, very hardy, will spread with runners so plant somewhere you don't mind it growing.

Goldenrod flowers in the late summer to early fall, at a time when most gardens could really use some perkiness. Spend just a few moments observing the pollinators flocking to the golden sprays, and you will appreciate how important a role it plays in sustaining local insect populations. Goldenrod supports many species of caterpillars, making it a useful plant for calling in local butterfly populations. It also attracts garden beneficials, such as praying mantises, ladybugs etc. The nectar is popular with many butterflies, including monarchs.

Our herbs are organically grown and come in a recycled or compostable pot.