Motherwort plants - organic

Motherwort plants - organic
Regulate moontime, PMT, menopause, cramps, afterbirth pain, anxiety & stress, heart health, liver and digestive system, heart health.
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Beautiful Motherwort is especially aligned with the healing of women – hence the name!

It's a wonderful herb for the female reproductive system and to support healthy levels of stress, particularly those affecting women.

Its Latin name “Leonurus Cardiaca” means “Lion’s Heart”, with cardiaca referencing the heart – the organ this plant has a strong affinity with.

So Motherwort has healing properties for both the physical and emotional heart.

It has long been a beloved herb for women with stimulating properties that additionally support the uterus, the heart, kidneys, and digestion.

Moontime (wai whero) - As an emmenogogue, Motherwort acts as a uterine tonic which helps to regulate menstruation, bring on delayed periods and can reduce smooth muscle cramping – particularly menstrual cramps.

Motherwort can also help relieve PMS (premenstrual tension) and discomfort. Most menstrual cramps are partially due to inadequate circulation in the pelvis. Motherwort may help calm menstrual pain by both reducing spasms in the uterus and improving blood flow to the pelvis.

Heart Health - As its Latin name (Leonurus cardiaca) indicates, motherwort is also beneficial for the heart and is often used as a heart tonic.

It is especially used to calm or decrease heart palpitations, but it also functions as an overall protector of heart health. A 2014 study concluded that these heart-protective properties could be from the antioxidants found in motherwort. (4) Motherwort extract is often recommended for those with thyroid conditions that cause a racing heart, like Graves Disease or Hashimoto's.

Motherwort can also help to lower blood pressure and improve circulation, which both contribute to heart health.

When we talk about the heart in modern times we most often think of the muscle in our chest that is responsible for pumping blood throughout our bodies. In older times, and for many herbalists today, however, the heart is more commonly associated with emotional and spiritual qualities. The terms of being “heart broken,” to “lose heart,” to put your “heart and soul” into something or being “sick of heart” illustrate this association. 

Motherwort’s actions beautifully show us the connection between the physical and spiritual heart.

Anxiety & Stress - Along with Motherwort's benefits for the physical heart, it's also known as a very beneficial herb for the emotional heart.

Motherwort helps to calm and soothe nerves and can also relieve feelings of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. It has a mild sedative effect that is calming without being overly sedating.

It can be especially helpful for treating anxiety that is accompanied by heart palpitations or hypertension. A small study found that patients with hypertension accompanied by anxiety and sleep problems who took an extract of Motherwort noticed improvement of symptoms.

Motherwort is calming without being overly sedating.

Menopause - The healing benefits of motherwort for women continue into menopause. The active compounds in motherwort help the body to break down and process hormones, which in turn can help to balance symptoms of menopause. It can be especially helpful for reducing the severity of hot flashes, it's recommended to pair it with herb sage for hot flashes.

Digestion & Appetite - The benefits of motherwort for the digestion, liver, and appetite come from its bitter nature.
Like other bitter herbs, motherwort will help to stimulate both the liver and digestive system, promoting healthy digestion and improving a sluggish digestion.
Motherwort also helps with poor digestion or poor appetite that is related to stress or anxiety. Combining it with chamomile or lemon balm can aid a loss of appetite due to nerves.

Precautions - Not recommended for people taking anticoagulants - blood thinners, aspirin, garlic, willow bark, vitamin E in supplement form, or people with clotting disorders.

Do not use if pregnant or lactating. The only exception is just before labor and only under the care of an experienced practitioner.

All our herbs are organically grown in a recycled or compostable pot.

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