Organic Chickweed Oil

Organic Chickweed Oil
Swollen ailments, hemorrhoids, itching
styes, all-round healing, ulcers, boils,
chicken pox.
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Chickweed is one of the classic healers of the herbal kingdom!

It is rich in copper and iron, has excellent healing and drawing and absorbing powers when applied to the skin, so it is widely used externally for most discomforts of the skin.

It is cooling in nature, so is wonderful for:
  • swollen ailments
  • hemorrhoids
  • itching and inflamed sores
  • styes
  • all-round healing
  • wounds
  • ulcers
  • itching
  • boils
  • chicken pox
Apply the chickweed oil directly or make a simple balm for skin and eye ailments.

Ingredients: organically grown chickweed steeped in organic olive oil.