Organic Plantain Oil

Organic Plantain Oil
Wounds, bites, ulcers, gout, eczema, boils, abscesses, scalds & burns, stings, piles, scarring, sore, itchy, inflamed skin.
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Plantain is THE emergency aid herb for stings and cuts when outside, as it is found in most places, growing readily. Harvest from areas with no sprays though.

It is very helpful for any healing situation:
  • wounds
  • bites
  • ulcers
  • gout
  • eczema
  • boils
  • abscesses
  • scalds & burns
  • stings (including white tail spiders)
  • piles
  • scarring
  • sore, itchy, inflamed skin
Plantain oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. A gentle oil that can be used for all ages and for all skin types.

10 Uses for Plantain Oil

  1. Use it as a base to make a body cream with shea butter and essential oils
  2. Use it as a body oil if your skin is seriously dry.
  3. As it as a first aid kit to heal wounds - abrasions, cuts, tears, and dog bites for their healing effects (these wounds tend to heal faster).
  4. Plantain oil with coconut oil makes an ideal cuticle oil that you rub into cuticles to make them easier to cut or push back
  5. To treat skin inflammations such as impetigo or eczema.
  6. Burn relief - First aid for mild burnsTto treat your Insect bite stings used on its own or combined with tea tree essential oil.
  7. Massage oil - use on its own or combine with other essential oils
  8. The healing power of plantain together with the moisturizing effect of coconut oil makes a perfect oil to use for diaper rash
  9. Are you tired after a long day at work and need to unwind in a hot bath? Add your plantain oil in the bathtub together with ¼ cup of Epson salt and you will feel the difference.

Ingredients: organically grown plantain steeped in organic olive oil.