Organic St. John's Wort Oil

Organic St. John's Wort Oil
Anxiety, depression, tiredness, low energy, nerve tonic, PMS, SAD, wounds, burns, ulcers, bruises, aging skin.
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St. John’s Wort is a beautiful cheery herb, well documented for helping with anxiety and depression, tiredness and low energy.

It is a nerve tonic, great help for menopause-related symptoms, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and smoking cessation.

Externally St. John's Wort oil is helpful for wounds and burns, sunburns, abrasions, bruises, contusions, ulcers, & muscle aches and pain.

It has antibacterial properties and may also help fight inflammation, plus combat harmful free radicals that can accelerate the visible signs of aging

St. John's Wort oil is perfect in a healing balm, or apply directly to your skin, and is especially helpful to apply at night before sleep.

Ingredients: organically grown St. John's Wort leaves and flowers steeped in organic olive oil.