Organic Urinary Tract Herb Tea

Organic Urinary Tract Herb Tea
Designed to help support the bladder and kidneys naturally, with a blend of healing & balancing herbs.
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This blend of herbs has been formulated to relieve painful urination and urinary tract/bladder discomfort.

These herbs are helpful for UTI's, interstitial cystitis, cystitis, bladder inflammation, kidney support and balanced urinary tract function.

If you are not noticing a marked reduction in pain or burning after one day or 3 or 4 cups of the tea, then start taking a small tsp of baking soda mixed in a little water each time you take a cup of the tea. The baking soda will rapidly alkalise your urine and can sometimes be a necessary step to get the full antibiotic action of the Bearberry.

Because all these herbs are therapeutic-grade and whole, they can be reboiled up to 3 times before being composted.

Instructions: Add 1 rounded tspn of herb mix to 1 cup of boiling water and leave to brew for 10 mins. Add honey if desired.

Dosage: 1-3 cups a day depending on severity of symptoms, for 7 days, then take a rest day, and drink plenty of water on that day.

Drink water & alkalise your diet

The second key step is to drink plenty of water and eat an alkaline diet. Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important things you can do to reduce the severity of an infection and to help prevent a recurrence of the cystitis. How much to drink can be gauged by how often you need to go the toilet. More than once an hour is too much, less than once in two hours is too little.

An alkaline diet will reduce the symptoms of cystitis and help prevent the recurrence of future infections. The main thing to know is that you can rapidly alkalise your diet by simply eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Ingredients: Bearberry, elderflower, goldenrod, cornsilk, yarrow, kūmarahou, nettle, marshmallow & licorice root.