Angi Angi Usnea Tincture

Angi Angi Usnea Tincture
Powerful antibiotic, lungs, phlegm, toxicity, urinary tract, pain, fever, wound healing, athletes foot, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral.
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Angi Angi (Usnea barbata) is a type of lichen that grows on trees. Often discarded as useless, it is instead one of Nature's most powerful antibiotics, an infection fighter & incredibly helpful for a number of illnesses!

Angi Angi is known for its antibacterial properties. Research has discovered that the lichen kills bacteria, particularly the bacteria that are found in the digestive tract. Further studies reveal that it is in fact extremely beneficial to humans as it does not kill all kinds of bacteria and it leaves the bacteria that are useful to the digestive tract unharmed.

Angi Angi can be used to efficiently cure several conditions caused by gram positive bacteria. Some of the bacteria that it acts against effectively include Staph (Staphylococcus simulans and S. Aureus). It also acts against Streptococcus. By only killing the gram positive bacteria, it is a great way of eliminating bacteria without harming the beneficial bacteria.

Angi Angi has strong antiviral properties also. Regularly taking the herb helps in clearing the body of a wide range of viruses.

Usnea is considered the lungs of the forest, so it helps to clears viruses from the bronchial area and the lungs. It is particularly effective for hot, irritable, wet coughs.

Beyond the herb’s action on the respiratory system, it is often used to address acute complaints of the kidney, bladder and urinary tract.

Angi Angi is quite beneficial in clearing antifungal infections. Usnea has been researched to effectively cure several types of fungal infections, Candida species included. For its antifungal uses, the herb can be used both internally and topically, depending on how it is available and how it is favored.

Angi Angi is also a great choice for wounds. As we’ve seen, it is a powerful antimicrobial herb. Using usnea herb on wounds can help treat or prevent infection, plus it is a powerful drawer of toxins. It also has wound-healing abilities that can accelerate the healing process. It's also a wonderful remedy for cellulitis or infected wounds.

It is beneficial for women with yeast infections trichonomosas, bacterial vaginosis, and chlamydia, and is used to treat other fungal infections like athlete’s foot and infected wounds.

Usnea barbata has been used in cosmetic production for its antimicrobial and antifungal properties as a preservative and deodorant.

It can be used in mouthwashes, gargles and lozenges, for inflammation of the oral mucus membranes.

Spiritually/emotionally, Usnea is a herb for grief: to uncover grief, to validate the experience of grief, and to keep grief from getting stuck, when it can then manifest into a physical malady or an emotional emergency.
Grief is often stored in the lungs, hence Usnea's affinity for the lungs!
If you let it, Usnea will take this meandering journey with you. She knows the terrain and has travelled it for more than centuries, accompanying ancestors and ancients as grief moved through them, carving new understandings, compassion, and openings in its wake.

Usnea is calling on us to reawaken that wild darkness within us that can help us dream our way back into connection with the living Earth and let her work through us to help us remember ways of living that will let the forest breathe, grow, and thrive.

Tinctures are a liquid extract made by steeping fresh organic herbs in alcohol. Tinctures are the most concentrated form of herbal medicine and if taking internally (consult a herbalist) are best taken under the tongue where they directly enter the blood stream. They are very strong and may be taken diluted in water, juice or tea.

Dilute in water to the ratio of 2.5 ml of tincture to 1/2 cup of water.

Ingredients: organically grown, sustainably harvested Angi Angi Usnea, Kerikeri-made pure alcohol.