Vicks Herb Plants - Organic

Vicks Herb Plants - Organic
Chest decongestant, sinuses, phlegm, circulation, repel mosquitoes.
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Vicks Herb - a member of the mint family and the name says it all, it does smell like Vicks! The leaves produce a refreshing menthol, so it's perfect as a Herbal water bathdecongestant.

Similar to all other herbs, Vick's plant offers us numerous health benefits.

One major property of this plant is that it naturally clears up sinuses.

To use Vick’s plant for this purpose, you just need to trim some of the aerial growth near a mode where you will find branches or two leaves sprouting - doing this will help the plant to have a dense growth similar to pinching back basil.

Put the trimmings in a pot containing lightly seething water. Next, cover your head with a cloth and allow the steam to come towards you.

Inhale the vapours gently and see the magic.

In addition, the leaves of Vick's plant can also be used in the form of a poultice. Alternatively, they can be used to prepare ointments as a balm. This also works excellently when rubbed on the chest or on the nose.

It's also great for muscle aches, arthritis and bruising. However, one must be careful not to apply the herb on open wounds.

Vick's plant is also used in the form of a stimulant rub, which promotes circulation in rigid and cold limbs.

As an internal medication, camphor is a very dependable remedy for treating lung congestion and sinuses. Camphor also works like an expectorant helping to loosen up dense mucus and also treats fever when you inhale its vapour.

Its potent menthol odour works excellently to repel mosquitoes. Thus, indoor plants helps to keep these nasty creatures at a bay from your room.

In addition, it works as a worm repellent as well.

As the herb is succulent, it attracts plenty of bees and butterflies.

Parts used: leaves

Growing: this herb likes a partly shady spot and doesn't like getting too wet or too dry, but is pretty hardy. It can be a ground cover, semi shrub when pruned, or a vine in the hanging baskets.

Organically grown in a recycled or compostable pot.